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Restful. Relaxing. Wake Refreshed. Stop Counting Sheep!

Why 8 Hour Sleep? Humans, like all animals, need sleep to survive, along with other essentials.  Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being.  We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep, and the overall state of our sleep quality remains a concern throughout our lifespan.  Most of us know that getting a full night's sleep is important, but too few of us make that time a priority.  We who are sleep deprived, have forgotten what being really, truly rested feels like. 

How to Sleep Better: 7-9 hours of sleep each night helps our general health in so many ways.  Our bodies regenerate while we are sleeping and by doing that, it helps us to lose weight faster, rebuilds cells and regulates the hormones faster.  By not having to focus on anything but sleep, we rebuild.  Here are ways you can sleep better. 

1. Keep a regular sleep schedule. 

2. Naturally regulate your sleep-wake cycle. 

3. Create a relaxing bedtime routine. 

4. Eat right and get regular exercise. 

5. Get anxiety and stress in check. 

6. Find ways to get back to sleep.

7. Cope with shift work sleep disorder. 

8. Know when to see a sleep doctor. 



L- Tryptophan-        Alpha waves, precursor to niacin, creates serotonin and 5HTP
GABA-                    Improves sleep and anxiety
Skullcap-                Treatment for insomnia
Valerian-                Treatment for insomnia and sleep disorders
Hops-                     Treatment for insomnia and anxiety
Chamomile-            Treatment for insomnia and muscle relaxation
Passion Fruit-          Treatment for insomnia and REM stage of sleep
L- Theanine-           Treatment for anxiety and produces alpha waves
Lemon Balm-          Calming effect and fights restlessness 
L- Taurine-              Treatment for anxiety and stress reducer
Melatonin-               Anti Oxidant, free radical scavenger, immune system booster and deep sleep.
Vitamin B-6-            Treats sleep apnea
Goji (wolfberry)-      Super fruit, wakefulness in the morning (refreshed) and helps with balance
Inositol-                  Treatment for insomnia
Ashwagandha-         Treatment for insomnia
Calcium Citrate-       Restful sleep and muscle contraction
Magnesium Citrate-  Calms nervous system and relaxes the muscles. 
5HTP-                      It helps get to the REM stage of sleep
St Johns Wort-         Helps with depression, anxiety and tiredness. 
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